Volunteers Needed!

Hello all!
I have a few ideas I'd like to flesh out in some experimental (local) shoots, and need volunteer models for them! I'll list my ideas below with brief descriptions, and you guys can feel free to email me (evelynandtheodore@gmail.com) or message me on social media/my cell phone if you're interested.

These will all be done using a variety of cameras, including my new-to-me Nikon FE 35mm film camera (all photos in this post are from my first roll of film). As always, you will receive all of your finished photos (post selection & editing), and some will be posted here to the site.

  • Hobbies: people doing what they love, such as knitting, painting, reading, biking, exercising, makeup/hair, etc
  • Pets: purely animals or you and your pets. Especially interested in having you tell stories about your pets, rescue stories (who rescued who?), etc.
  • Tattoos: photos of your tattoos, stories that go along with them, any meanings behind them (if applicable)
  • Happy place: where do you feel most comfortable/happy? A park, a store, your room, anywhere!

  • Everyday: people doing mundane tasks, such as dishes or laundry, yet somehow making them beautiful/interesting
  • Body positive: the cliché (haha). Any body type, any features you'd like to show off. Freckles, stretch marks, scars, crooked teeth, whatever!
  • Traditional: just you, looking amazing and not feeling bad about wanting to flaunt it!
  • Friends/couples/siblings: bring someone along to just joke around with and take cute photos, goofy photos... whatever vibe you want to portray, we are ready for it!
  • Collections: whether you collect skulls (like myself), vinyl, makeup, books, snowglobes, etc.... we want to see it! And we want to know what it is about it that you can't live without.

  • Nostalgia: still have anything laying around from younger years? Let me hear about it. Visiting your childhood home & remembering simpler times before you had a billion bills in your mailbox & adult responsibilities? I feel you.
  • Grandparents: let's go visit your grandparents. Let them tell us stories, give advice, and impart their wisdom on the world. I want it all. You might learn something new & surprising about them, and they'll appreciate the company (especially if it's been a while since you've seen them) & may enjoy the opportunity to guiltlessly reminisce.
And if you have any additional ideas, let me know, and we can definitely make a plan to get it done! Thank you in advance!!

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